2012 Taiwan Ministry of Finance welfare lottery communication plan of brand image




Ministry of Finance welfare lottery allots the budget every year to advertise its effect of participating in public welfare seeking for public recognition.



  • Main strategy: By implementing the IMC, we produce one TVC and five public welfare mini movie and hold the video of public welfare collecting activity in the internet with exposure in the media. The theme music video is exposed in the internet to make the branding appeal.
  • Production strategy of mini movie: The Dream Girls and other artists of Dorian Management Co. play in the mini movie to create the topic which exposed rapidly in the internet.
  • Media Strategy:    
    1. Introduce TVC on TV and 5 mini movie premiers are broadcasted in news channels.
    2. Elaborate the exposure of mini movies by combining internet and mobile commercials.
    3. TVC or mini movies are broadcasted in each outdoor media according to the consumer contact behavior.



  • Reaches are approximately 1 billion person-time.   
  • The internet survey shows that there are 66% of people “understand the care of government to help disadvantaged minority in job market”.
  • The internet survey shows that there are 77% of people “disadvantaged minority can have more work opportunities by lottery business”.
  • Help Taiwan Lottery reach the new record sales in 2013 Q1.


5 Love Episodes “Share Love”



“Share Love The 1st episode” Love Heart (Starring: Puff Kuo)




“Share Love The 2nd episode” Dream Comes True (Starring: Cindy Sung)



“Share Love The 3rd episode” Love Skirt (Starring: Jennifer Yi)



“Share Love The 4th episode” Love Scratch(Starring: Keiko Lee & Emily Sung)



“Share Love The 5th episode” Love Hear Beat (Starring: Yin Fu)











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